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The Beginning


This journey began in 2011.  As a busy teacher it became a challenge to eat clean and healthy.  We craved food with bold flavors, but we didn't always have the time to prepare meals that were satisfying with the bold flavors we love.  

With few options, I  began creating spice blends that could be used quickly to add the spicy, bold flavors we love, that were also low sodium, free of MSG, and did not contain "free flowing agents" or other unpronounceable ingredients.

Our Blends


Lola's Spices No Wimpy Flavors seasoning blends are versatile and bold enough to add flavor to any meat, fish, side dish, or vegetable!  ​ 

We offer a  Cajun, Caribbean, and a Southwest Blend!  Each of our three blends are regionally based flavors based on our travels and our favorite food experiences!  

We were honored to receive 1st Place at ZestFest 2013 in the Peoples Preference Award in the prepared foods division for Lola's Spices Cajun Seasoning Blend! A big thanks to all those that attended and voted for Lola's Spices NO WIMPY FLAVORS! We appreciate your support! 

New Products


We now have expanded to include quick cooking beans and rice blends and lentils.  

Lola’s Spices No Wimpy Flavors Lentils and Beans and Rice Blends are created in small batches by hand to ensure only the highest quality.  We take great care in sourcing only the finest ingredients from like-minded companies.  We use only all natural ingredients, and we never use MSG or  other "free flowing" or "anti-caking agents."

Lola’s Spices Lentils and  Rice and Bean blends are quick cooking, all in one pouches to accompany any meal or simply enjoyed on their own! dinner recipes spices and seasonings

Featured Recipe

With the weather changing and the temperatures falling,  try one of these recipes and let the binge watching least until spring!


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Coming Soon



We are in the final stages of manufacturing to enable our launch  for our new line of BBQ tools formerly "Glamacue"  BBQ tools.  We hope to launch for Spring 2019. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter!